Saturday, October 9, 2010

As the world turns

My first job out of college is almost over.  I give it two more days tops before I join the hundreds and thousands of unemployed.  Although my time at this job was short, I have seen growth and maturity in how I deal with situations and people.  Since the last day of the season, I have been able to reflect on what I have learned and where I went wrong and did right.  Although I wan not able to take down every challenge or problem that came my way, I have gained the experience of what can be thrown at me.  I am most grateful for the people that helped me along the way.

But as one thing slows down something else picks up.  My trip to China and Hong Kong is approaching fast and I haven't even decided what I need to bring or pack.  I'm slacking, but thats nothing new since I rarely make a post here.  however, I will TRY to post as much on my trip as possible.  But you never know, with my track record it's up in the air.