Saturday, October 9, 2010

As the world turns

My first job out of college is almost over.  I give it two more days tops before I join the hundreds and thousands of unemployed.  Although my time at this job was short, I have seen growth and maturity in how I deal with situations and people.  Since the last day of the season, I have been able to reflect on what I have learned and where I went wrong and did right.  Although I wan not able to take down every challenge or problem that came my way, I have gained the experience of what can be thrown at me.  I am most grateful for the people that helped me along the way.

But as one thing slows down something else picks up.  My trip to China and Hong Kong is approaching fast and I haven't even decided what I need to bring or pack.  I'm slacking, but thats nothing new since I rarely make a post here.  however, I will TRY to post as much on my trip as possible.  But you never know, with my track record it's up in the air.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Tides are Turning

My blogging resolution has failed yet again, but I am hopeful.

The weather has also been changing lately.  No more sweltering days or humid nights as of late.  I appreciate the  cooler temperatures.  It also means that I have a chance to showcase some outfits.  With changing temperatures also signals the end of baseball season. Things have been brewing at work which keeps me occupied from the minute I walk in to way after I walk out.  It takes a bit of time and space to sort it all out, but I believe it will work out.

My job search is still ongoing but thankfully I have a goal.  Not that I didn't before but now I have narrowed it significantly.  All that is left is to find the job.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It has been too long!

Although I would love to say "I don't know where the time went," the fact is: I do.  I have not been spending it here posting that's a given. My last post was about my best friend's wedding and that was up over 10 days ago. Shame on me.  However, to justify, I haven't come across anything worthy to blog about.  Now I have. Sort of.

To start off I would like to rehash a few things.  Firstly my Great American Road Trip.  That has been discontinued, DOA, no chance of resuscitation.  Instead, Olithia and I have come to a few conclusions:
A) We discovered that we were being a bit too ambitious to venture on a 30 some day road trip when neither of us has been on one before.
B) Instead of one long trip, it would make more sense that we split the continental US into quadrants and road trip one section at a time.
C) We will be headed off to China as an alternative.  (More on that to follow)
D) We will spend less money therefore be able to save more money for our future road trip. Hurray!

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to my friend's wedding solo.  Olithia posted this and boy it sure put my feelings into words.  I'm in the same boat as her and it's good to know I'm not alone.  Though I have to admit, I am quite a romantic and maybe a bit too much of one.  But that's okay with me.

Finally.  Trip to China!  My parents and I haven't had a chance to go on a true vacation in quite awhile, especially one overseas.  So part of this trip is my graduation present!  The fact that my great friend Olithia will be with me makes it even better.  We will be spending 10 days in China and then some time in Hong Kong as well.  I am super excited because a classmate from college recently moved there for a job and I can't wait to catch up with her in person.  Plus through my current job, I met a chef that will be in China/Hong Kong during the same time.  Small world, so we might meet up too.  It's nice to be around food lovers especially in a foreign land.

Lastly, so I wasn't done, I have an interview!  It pains me that the position I have now will be non existent after early October so I have begun to look for other routes.  It is early, but it never hurts to get a head start right?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Wishes

This past Saturday I went to PA to attend my very dear friend's wedding.  It was beautiful and sweet and I was a bit out of my element.  I have known this man for over 3 years and he is very dear to me.  To see him get married to a woman he adores brought tears to my eyes.  Then I though about how sad it was being there solo.
Lets not dwell on that.
There's nothing to make anyone feel older than they are than to recount stories from the past.  So many memories were brought up starting with "Remember when."  Those precious hours spent with my former classmates were amazing.
This is the outfit I chose.  A bit more formal compared to what everyone else wore.  But I rather be overdressed than underdressed.  This "dress" is actually a skirt that pulled up to turn into a minidress.  the peach bow was tied under the bust for some definition.
Location: Farmer's Market
Necklace: Unknow
Skirt/dress: Vintage
Shoes: Nine West

Friday, July 23, 2010

Show off a Little

This past week I happened to be in Manhattan more than usual.  As always I take time to people watch because there are just so many things the mind can come up with about stories on each person.  Where they come from, what they do and where they are going are just a few of them.  Since I have been doing my Fashion Forward post lately, it is no surprise that I took note on the attire.  

From men and woman in suites to tourist in there vacation wear, I decided there was a problem: Over Exposure.  Of course this applies only to women.  I noted on my days out that woman were barring a bit too much.  Cleavage, mid drift and legs were a plenty.  Since it was hot, I can understand.  It's not like we want to dress in sweats.  But there was just too much on display.  Why can't we, as woman, chose one to highlight and accentuate?

One of my top rules when deciding what to wear is what I want to show off.  Is it a bit of chest or my legs or perhaps my mid drift?  I will never choose anything like this:

I can only imagine what it looks like from the front.  Granted she is posing for the camera, but really?

Here is something I chose which I think is appropriate for the day out and to dinner.  It don't think I showed too much yet I was still comfortable.

Location: 59th and 5th 
Top: unknown
Shorts: unknow
Bag: Modcloth

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tailored Menswear

Fashion goes round and round.  Diane Keaton and Katharine Hepburn wore mens inspired clothing long ago.  Now it's back with the boyfriend blazer and boyfriend jeans and who knows what other "boyfriend" look is also out there.

Hair: Lace braided headband tied with diagonal dutch braid into low side ponytail then bunned
Shirt: Banana Republic
Vest: vintage
Pants: Banana Republic
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Watch: unknown

Color me Fuchsia

I believe fuchsia is one of the boldest colors to wear.  The mix of vivid pink, red and purple hue attracts glances. From a minor pendant or a major piece of clothing, fuchsia attracts attention.  This fuchsia tank top has wonder collar ruffles with a tie strap.

Top: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Delia's
Pants: H&M

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Only one thing is worse than Fashion Faux Pas

Stroll down any busy street and there is bound to be at least one fashion mistake that catches your eye.  Maybe they just don't realize it or maybe they don't care.  However for the one seeing the big muffin top or those exposed bra straps and other cringe worthy mistakes, it churns my stomach just a bit.

Documenting fashion is of utmost importance.  The complete look viewed through something beside a mirror can capture the essence of the outfit.

However, sometimes that is not possible.  I dread self portraits!  Be it using a phone or a camera, I don't feel that it is able to capture the message.  There are very few poses available and a complete head to toe image is practically impossible to achieve.  

Today I was inspired by fellow blogger and close friend Olithia of Do You Speak Cilantro to attempt another fashion post.  So I found someone to take a picture of me.  Sadly I don't own a good point and shoot camera so I used my phone.  It is NOT the next best thing. 

Dress: Soprono, picked it up at Tjmaxx
Cardigan: Ann Taylor 
Belt: Vintage, Etsy
Shoes: Clarks 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Commitment and Experiences

Although I try not think that this blog is homework, I feel that i don't dedicate as much time as i should. 
With that being said, I have promised myself to post at least twice a week.  It does not matter to me if the post be two sentences or two pages, all I ask of myself is to post. This post will kick it off! 

But for more content.

There isn't anything greater than enjoying a meal at a restaurant.  The combination of good service, delicious food and fabulous company is like no other experience; however, to have this experience at the creme de la creme of a New York City restaurant is truly unforgettable. 

The night started off at my arrival to Eleven Madison Park with my friend.  We were greeted by two hostesses and promptly seat at a corner table that over looked the dining room.  The first thing I noticed was the ratio of waitstaff to patrons, it was about 1 to 3.  The attentiveness started right away with presenting the drink and food menu.  We chose the Gormand, an eleven course tasting menu and I also opted for the wine pairing. 

Then the dance began,  every course, every wine, every movement seemed calculated and rehearsed.  I could find very little fault in the presentation of each course and wine as they were set in front of me and explained each and every time.  The food was delicious and the wine went fabulously with each course.  To explain each dish would not it justice.  At the end of the night I was presented with the dessert plate that had "Happy Birthday Shannon" written on it expertly.

After everything was cleared away, the bill was presented to us as well as the menu.  Mine was the standard while my friend received an alternative one that had the shellfish and mollusk substitutions.  We also walked away with a small jar of chef's pick olive oil and gelee.

All in all, my dinner at Eleven Madison Park took a total of four hours from beginning to end.  With a price tag of over half a grand, I wonder when I will go back for another try. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

I want, I want, I want, but I shall not have.

My last post featured a yellow dress with a frilly skirt.  It was my first post on featuring things that I liked but would not buy just because I liked it.  Then my sweet Olithia of Do You Speak Cilantro, asked if I was going to or had purchased it for a stop on our Great North American Road Trip to Alinea in Chicago.  Then I got thinking, should I get it?!?!?!
Thankfully, as my cursor poised above the "checkout" I came to my senses.  Although I can want everything in the world, I cannot own everything I want.  As newbie in the world of adulthood, I feel it is paramount that I spend cautiously.
I have lived by my words once, lets see how many more times I can do it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The YouTuber

It should be no surprise that I am a YouTube fan since, according to, the site as reached over 2 billion views per day.  My favorites to watch are cooking videos and make up tutorials.  It is my go to place for "how to" info as well.  However, a few months back I discovered what "haul" videos where.  Although I doubt many wouldn't know, I will explain it anyway.  A YouTube "haul" is basically a video about someones purchase, what they bought, a description and what they think about it.

I have done my due diligence to find hauls that do not pertain to beauty or clothing.  So far I have come up with none.  Then an article in July issue of Marie Claire came out about the growing number of haul videos which got me thinking.... How do they afford it all.

I love clothes and make up but never have I gone out to purchase a group of products unless it was absolutely necessary.  Therefore I have come up with a plan.  If I come across a dress I like online or an eye shadow that I think its cool I won't buy it.  I would just post a picture or a link because I want to live within my means and it would be impossible to buy things just to tell people about it.

So let me kick it off!

From: Modcloth.
Name: Who Wants to Be a Frillionaire Dress

Why I like it: Strapless is cute for summer, a light cardigan over it and it's ready for a daytime picnic or a cropped blazer and its good for an evening out dancing.  The color looks soft and feminine, it catches the eye but doesn't over shock the viewer.  Of course the frills are super eye catching.
Who Wants to Be a Frillionaire Dress

Sunday, May 30, 2010

As promised

Last post and a few post ago, I started mentioning my job, my internet dating, my room redecoration and my writings.  I have finally had the time to elaborate.

First off, going to work is amazing.  In the morning I get this rush of excitement to go in.  Although some things don't go as well as I like, the experience is well worth it.  I wish that I could do more at work; to have more responsibilities, to have more power, to choices.

As for my internet dating, I find that there are so many people out there that it is really a trial and error method to find someone.  I'm am putting more thought into who I am and who I am looking for.

My room is nearly done.  The contractor that was hired did a pretty shabby job.  There's no need for me to complain and whine because I went ahead and fixed it myself.  I might be a girly girl, but I will get down and dirty to make  sure my room turns out the way I want it to.

Finally, my writing.  It is getting more detailed and sometimes I feel as though I need to pry the pen off the paper.  Today I will include two tidbits I have written.

The first is a poem.  It came to me while I was on my way home from work.

I want to sit on the street
Just so I can rest my feet
The day is almost over
But the bus isn't any closer

The night is young
But the day has just begun
Home from work I go
To prepare for tomorrows show

This next one is short. I don't know if it even qualifies as a short story.

     It was impossible to ignore the growing tension around them.  Times got so bad that the sparks could turn into an inferno that all the water in the world could not put out.  Then the exchange of words slowly got out of hand but the looks were the hardest to disregard.
     It was time for her to take action, to take a stand.  With her chin up and confidence in her walk, she strode over to his home office.
     Without even passing the threshold, she calmly stated, "I want a divorce."

There it is.  Sort and sweet.  Please let me know what you think, every bit counts to help improve on my writing.

<3 Silvie Redrow

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long overdue.

I don't want to make my blog an obligation or some type of homework assignment that I have to complete.  However, I have been slacking on the postings.  I will try and remedy all that starting today.  Cross your fingers.

Since my last post, I have been on two more dates with different guys from the online dating site.  Each experience was different and had its own reason for further consideration.  One thing that I notice and strikes me is that both gentleman are willing to pay for the meal.  Even with my offer to pay half, they are very determined to pass.  It is only reasonable, in my perspective,  to feel a bit guilty that they pay for the meal.  Yet I have been told time and again that as a female on a date, I should never have to pay.

That got me thinking on the investing that these men have to make.  It is not guarantee that the date will turn out well but the gesture is appreciated.

I have also started writing some short stories in my newly acquired Moleskine note book.  I fell spontaneous sometimes to put words on paper and it fits the bill.  It will make its way as a post eventually.

Lastly, my room is getting renovated.  It is long overdue.  However, I get asked: aren't you suppose to be moving out instead? Unless I hit the jackpot, I am a very poor college graduate so no, I can't move out.

Will post final look, sadly I did not have time to do a before shot.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And so it goes.

Last time I spoke about joining an online dating site.  After much sifting I messaged a few more people.  Although I felt a bit hurt when I saw that they have read my message yet hadn't replied, I soon realized that I do the same.  I think its easier not to reply as a gentler method of saying no than to strike up a conversation and then have to crush someone.

So I have been conversing with a few, okay... 3, guys? men? fishes? lol

This past Saturday I forged ahead and met one.  Neutral location, BN starbucks cafe, and we headed off to have pizza for lunch.  When I think back about how the day progressed, I can already see the tenseness that was present.  I do not know if it was on my end, his end or our end but conversation did not flow.  There was a tense cloud over us for the duration of our meeting.  I would not call it fun but I was not too keen on staying much longer after the meal either.

Till the next fish comes swimming!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Internal Conflit

I always knew that the "real world" would not be all rainbows and sunshine.  However, it probably took someone in my face raising their voice and disobeying my words to have it truly sink in.  I'm not naive, at least I don't feel as I am, but when asked to do something that makes sense and had to be done soon anyway, can people just comply?  I was not singling out this individual nor was anyone else.  The show she put did a marvelous job directing the spotlight on her tho.

The "real world" is now the real world.  Sans quotes.

In other news, my online dating has been progressing slowly.  I have been finding some interesting people to talk to.  However easy going and free of commitment the conversations are, I feel as though I am two timing someone!  Deep down I understand that it is not the case and those guys are probably chatting up multiple woman too.  How suited am I to finding someone online?

Onward we go!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Its been too long...

So I have been slacking on my blogging.  I apologize to.. well anyone but especially to myself since this is a commitment I should be on top of.

Update on my life anyone?

Professionally, I started my job.  Its a temp but I could see it potentially going somewhere.  I work at Citifeild, home of the New York Mets as a suite supervisor.  The hours aren't long compared to being in a kitchen, but I feel that I move around wayyyy more than I did in the kitchen.

I was suppose to only be in charge of 8 suites but the read world has set in.  One supervisor got fired before the opening game and another got fired for not reporting in.  Now instead of 8 I have 13.  On a "regular" day 9 out of 13 of my suites are open.  I have about 2 guest attendants per room and 2 runners between all of them.

There's a lot of walking back and forth, I'm considering getting a pedometer to see how far I walk in a day, however the job is fun and also frustrating at times.  But I take a deep breath to calm myself and try to tackle the problem head on.

Now personally, hang on to your chairs, I joined an online dating site.  I know what you're thinking but please:
9 times out of 10, you don't have the right to.

It might sound strange for a 21 year old to join a dating website, but honest to truth, I'm not the type to go out to clubs or bars.  Beside, what type of guys will I be meeting there anyway?  So I ventured out and gave online dating a try.

I do admit, there were a few creepers who messaged me.  No offense to them but I'm 21 and one of them was 41.

More to come on that later.  I need sleep.
6 out of a 10 game home stand done.... now to survive the last 4.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It Drips, It Drops, It Pitters and It Patters

Rain is highly mysterious.

It beats soft
It beats hard
Cutting my skin
Like a shard

It comes slow
It comes fast
Washing away 
The sins from the past

The sun will rise 
A new day will begin

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The perks of living at home..

is the food.  Always the food.

I doubt there is anything better than a home cooked meal especially dishes that I LOVE.  Eating at school was like walking on a tightrope.  One wrong move and your pretty much screwed!  Although the choices are abundant, by the time I graduated they were boring.  Menus didn't seem to change in the three years I was there.

Now at home, I have a chance to make request and suggestions.  It's not a surprise that I eat way better, therefore, must move more.  The numbers on the scale are quite unforgiving and brutally honest.

Baby Back Ribs.  Fall off the bone delicious with a nice spicy kick.

Dessert: Ben and Jerry Ice Cream with Fluff and home made caramel sauce.

It's the small things that count.

Yesterday I had the fortune of going out with one of my greatest friend from high school.  While most meetings occur either in a museum in Manhattan or at our high school, we decided to go somewhere closer to home and more familiar.

The Hall of Science is the interactive museum in Queens that I'm sure every elementary school student goes to as a field trip.  It has been years since I have stepped foot into that building.  Surprisingly, it was very much how I remembered it.  Even better I think we enjoyed ourself much more this time around.

It was a through back into being a child again.  Curious and inquisitive, we explored and conquered experiencing the joy and carefree feeling that was once a staple in days gone by.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Then my heart shook with fear...

Fear takes many forms.  Fear that I would not find a job.  Fear that I would get hurt while I'm uninsured.  Fear of disappointing my parents.  But there is no greater fear than that of loosing one's life.  There have been quite a few times in my life when I questioned if I would live.  Not to sound like my life is in danger all the time, but there have been instances.  When I was a girl of 5 or 6, I was in a car accident in Canada.  I went snowboarding two years back and while coming down a hill something happened and I ended up laying on my back, totally still.  I swear I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  Then a few months later while riding shotgun with a friend I experienced that "what if" when she turned into incoming traffic.  The uncertainty of what might happen is overwhelming.

In almost all of those situations, I questioned myself.

Am I proud of the life I lead up to this point?

I am an avid watcher of crime shows like CSI and Law & Order.  In those there are bound to be gunshots.  A sound which I am quite unfamiliar with.

Last night or rather early this morning, I was in bed but not yet asleep when i heard what I thought was 5 or 6 gunshots.  At first I was in denial.  I live in a residential neighborhood and rarely hear about robberies or break-ins.  Yet as I laid there, I considered what else those sounds could be.  A blown tire? A plastic bottle a car went over?

This unrecognizable fear and questioning set it.  Is everything okay?  Are we safe?  What happened?
I could have brushed it off as something that happened in the distance until police cars rolled up.  Then more questions came up.

Of all things to be afraid of... the unknown is by far the most daunting.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cruising along

Over a week and a half has passed by since graduation.  Almost all of my great friends have moved back home and the few still in NY have started or are preparing to start working.  Which leaves me to think about where my life is heading.

I had my first interview today in Manhattan.  I was so nervous I barely slept the night before.  I can't help but think I was over dressed.  The CIA dress code has been such a big part of my educational career that I went there in a button down, dress skirt and heels while my interviewer was in t-shit and jeans.  Overall I felt quite confidant.  Now to rock the trailing tomorrow!  I'm sure today and tomorrow is just the beginning of what I will be facing more often.

In other news, living at home is like a a throwback in time.  For the past 3 years I have been quite independant: no one to tell me when to go to bed or when to take my meals or report where I am and with whom I am out with.  I can say quite positivly, those days are OVER.  My parents, much love to them, are super protective.  Since thier bird that left the nest has finally flown home, they hover.. endlessly.  Strangely, I can't say I mind it all that much.  

One positive and negative aspect of living at home has to be the FOOD.  There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, not even what they serve at school compares.  
Dad made some crispy wings.

Juicy steak with sauteed spinach (not pictured)

My mother learned how to make Cha Sui from scratch. It's better than what the stores offer.

I also made, what i considered, a vat of chilli.  Somehow it got demolished in a day.

With all this food, I'm lucky if I can keep my weight the same. :)

Something I have been working on is photography.  My father has a great Canon Rebel and I have been playing around with it.  It's quite a change for someone who has been use to point and shoot cameras to learning how to manually set almost everything.  It's quite fun but I need to go out to take more pictures!
Here is a few that I like best.  Questions, comments and critiques are welcomed!

*It's all flower because there was nothing else that created the same effect.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time stands still.

Graduation is over, post graduation fun is done and the festivities of the Lunar New Year has slowed dramatically.  What else is left to do?!?!?!

I'm already looking for jobs online.

I'm not moving forward or backward.  It's like a hamster or chinchilla running on the wheel. Better yet, someone on a treadmill.

I passed this while walking back to my room a few days before graduation.
It was just.... random.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and New Year

So I am late to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, but it's the sentiment that counts right?

This year I was not dwelling on being single or how everyone was all love-y dove-y but I was more focused on celebrating the Lunar New Year with my family.  For the past two days I have been feasting on delicious Chinese food my mother has spent time making.

Coupled with Friday's feasting trip, I have consumed way too many calories.  It's time for some workout?!

Friday, February 12, 2010

And so it ends, or maybe it should be: So it begins.

Dad, Me and Mom

Yesterday was a joyous day; after 3 long years I have graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with my Bachelors of Professional Studies in Baking and Pastry Arts. So is it the end or is it the beginning?
As of now, it's the end of my educational path. I leave the school that I have called home for over 3 years. It is possibly one of the hardest things to do, to leave the room I love (which is bigger than the one I'm returning to at home), the friends I cherish and the great food.
However there is the beginning of something new: my career! Is has been quite daunting to pursue employment. While some of my fellow classmates have already secured positions, I am still seeking one that fits me and one that I fit with. The numerous opportunities are here, there and everywhere. To find myself the perfect one will take time, but I am fully prepared!
A day after graduating, I was fortunate to see my great friend, Karni, graduate with an Associates in Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts. Buddies from our time in baking classes that started in 2007, we are quite inseparable. To celebrate, we going to head to New York City.

Me and Karni after her graduation.

On my own, I headed down to Manhattan to go for a "scavenger Hunt" that a great friend of mine, JJ, prepared as a graduation gift. I placed scavenger hunt in quotes because he set everything up as a surprise to come visit. It is quite possibly the best gift. We headed to Flushing Queens for some Steamed Pork Buns before we headed back into Manhattan to meet Karni. The three of us went over to Max Brenner. Toasting some marshmallows with JJ.

One chocolate cocktail and chocolate fondue later we headed off. Max Brenner. One chocolate cocktail and chocolate fondue later we headed off. We had dinner on St. Mark's Place in the East Village. The Japanese "restaurant," which had no English name was located between 2nd and 3rd Ave was packed with American patrons and just as many Japanese ones. The menu had more Japanese on it than English, but thankfully... pictures are worth a thousand words. Under an hour later, we headed across the street to introduce JJ to some Pinkberry. I believe we made a follower out of him. Yet in that 20 minutes, we realized Pomme Frites was right around the corner. Never to let an opportunity to have some great food escape, we headed over and ordered some fries with Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo, Parmesan Peppercorn and Rosemary Garlic Mayo.
Karni and JJ enjoying some fries.

The culinary feast to celebrate was complete. We were all quite stuffed and content to have had some familiar food as well as some foreign food. Although the food was memorable, the time spent together was most defiantly unforgettable.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Find a job yet?! Nope, but I look the part.

The CIA hosted their winter career fair today. I always feel like I’m in a bubble walking into the fair. There are places I want to talk to and hand my resumes to but with all the other people I just get overwhelmed. Some people can circle the room once and get everything done. I go around in circles, at LEAST three, just to do all that I need to get done. Nevertheless, I get it done. No exceptions, no excuses.

I feel it’s important to look put together all the time; except in bed. But I digress. I see so many of my fellow college attendees who show up at the career fair like they just woke up and decided to go. Did they find that outfit from the hamper? Hopefully the clean hamper. Is a wrinkled shirt the style now? I think not! Some people just don’t seem to care.

So for my overall look I decided to go prim and proper with my grey slacks that have thin pink lines but added my fair with a magenta sweater that matches in hue. In the bleak NY weather, color is necessary. I also applied some light makeup. Nothing serious; I don’t want to wear a mask, I just want enough to cover blemishes, give a bit of color to my check and highlight my eyes.

Bare Escentuals Foundation in Medium Beige, MAC Blush in Pinch Me, Sephora Colorful Palette in Apricot Pulp, MAC LiquidLast Liner in Point Black

*Side note*
Apologize for the self portraits. I realize I need someone to take pictures for me.
I don't like what I'm limited to taking pictures of myself.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fashion is Art

So this will be my first attempt to incorporate fashion into this blog. First and foremost, i'm not a trend-setter or a thrift store guru or even a couture gal. I started getting into fashion because about a year and a half to two years ago my very trendy cousin decided my L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer and such wardrobe was an eyesore. There's nothing wrong with those stores, but for a 19 year old, it was a bit drab.
Since then, I have developed my style which I am thankful for. It has evolved from what my cousin chose for me to include items that express who I am. Because my school requires students to be in business casual, many of the pieces in my collection can fit into various categories.
The purse I ordered four days back finally came even though I paid for second day air. Thats okay because I love it. Modcloth has me as a customer hook, line and sinker. In Hot Purse-uit can be dressy or casual. The lovely color is better than the standard black and the gold details are just adorable. It's nice and roomy so I can pack all my knick knacks and it even fits a writing pad or slim notebook.
I took it out tonight to dinner at our on campus restaurant for a spin.
Hat: Banana Republic, Jacket: Nordstrom's, Shirt: Forever 21,
Sweater: Laurie B., Corduroys: Delia's

My friend looked quite fetching herself.
Hat: Banana Republic, Sweater: Gap, Shorts: Forever 21, tights: uniqlo, boots: Aldo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm an American...

Is there anything more American than football? or baseball? maybe hot dog and apple pie?

There was free soup during the Super Bowl at school. I went, i ate and i stayed a bit.
However, I'm not that big into the sport. Rather any sport when I think about it. It never felt odd to not follow a sport religiously but today I just felt lost. Colts? Saints? AFC? NFC? Maybe I'm too Asian. Then again, I was born and raised in America. My use of the English language is, what I consider, above par. So maybe I'm not American enough.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Night Out

As a college student I always feel that I am broke.

There was a time where having fun and hanging out did not necessarily mean going out. On this particular night though, I am glad I decided to have a little fun. I was for the most part with people I knew and could talk to. We went to La Puerta Azul, a Mexican restaurant about 30 minute drive from campus. We ordered drinks and appetizers which we shared family style. It was by far an amazing dinner. Conversation among 8 people was hard to work out, but that moment where I sat back and just scanned the table, I noticed the harmony.

Savoring the Moment

As a student of the world and one that loves food to boot, it's a sad day when I come to realize that I will be leaving my beloved Hyde Park NY. Sure it has been over 3 long years, but the food away from school will be more missed than that of the food served AT school. Which says something since this school is The Culinary Institute of America.
I journeyed, what I believe will be my last time, to Rossi's. In a nondescript corner of a quiet back street, it seems that only those who respect good food know where to look for it. Even before setting foot in the door, the five senses kick into high gear. The simple building with its stripped awning and minimalist windows. But once I step in, you are transported into a different world. There is a bustle of people in line waiting to pay or waiting to order. The sound of the register, the footsteps of moving patrons. With only a narrow space between the refrigerated display and the back wall of oils, vinegars, jellies, frozen pasta and various other items it only allows about two person to stand abreast in each direction. Once I approach the back to order, I smell the daily soup, the pasta and who can forget the fresh bread.
Within a few minutes my order has been taken and the line shuffles along. As someone takes my panini off the press to cut, I see the golden color and hear that crunch as the knife glides through. Crinkling paper signals my order is done just as i approach the register. A quick exchange of money, and I'm out the door.
A hop, skip and jump later I'm the car. Do I even bother to wait?
Of course NOT!
Unwrapping the sandwich is feels like Christmas day when I was young. That excitement and impatience to tear through the paper to get to the prize. The balsamic and oil waifs through and with the first bite, the unmistakable crunch of pressed bread. I have reached sandwich heaven.

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Steps

A baby on the verge of his first step has slight hesitation and the overwhelming curiosity to see what there is to explore. Just like that baby, I am equally hesitant and most defiantly curious to venture out and put my thoughts, dreams and ideas out there. Out here. Once the first step is placed there is no turning back.