Friday, July 23, 2010

Show off a Little

This past week I happened to be in Manhattan more than usual.  As always I take time to people watch because there are just so many things the mind can come up with about stories on each person.  Where they come from, what they do and where they are going are just a few of them.  Since I have been doing my Fashion Forward post lately, it is no surprise that I took note on the attire.  

From men and woman in suites to tourist in there vacation wear, I decided there was a problem: Over Exposure.  Of course this applies only to women.  I noted on my days out that woman were barring a bit too much.  Cleavage, mid drift and legs were a plenty.  Since it was hot, I can understand.  It's not like we want to dress in sweats.  But there was just too much on display.  Why can't we, as woman, chose one to highlight and accentuate?

One of my top rules when deciding what to wear is what I want to show off.  Is it a bit of chest or my legs or perhaps my mid drift?  I will never choose anything like this:

I can only imagine what it looks like from the front.  Granted she is posing for the camera, but really?

Here is something I chose which I think is appropriate for the day out and to dinner.  It don't think I showed too much yet I was still comfortable.

Location: 59th and 5th 
Top: unknown
Shorts: unknow
Bag: Modcloth

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