Saturday, March 13, 2010

It Drips, It Drops, It Pitters and It Patters

Rain is highly mysterious.

It beats soft
It beats hard
Cutting my skin
Like a shard

It comes slow
It comes fast
Washing away 
The sins from the past

The sun will rise 
A new day will begin

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The perks of living at home..

is the food.  Always the food.

I doubt there is anything better than a home cooked meal especially dishes that I LOVE.  Eating at school was like walking on a tightrope.  One wrong move and your pretty much screwed!  Although the choices are abundant, by the time I graduated they were boring.  Menus didn't seem to change in the three years I was there.

Now at home, I have a chance to make request and suggestions.  It's not a surprise that I eat way better, therefore, must move more.  The numbers on the scale are quite unforgiving and brutally honest.

Baby Back Ribs.  Fall off the bone delicious with a nice spicy kick.

Dessert: Ben and Jerry Ice Cream with Fluff and home made caramel sauce.

It's the small things that count.

Yesterday I had the fortune of going out with one of my greatest friend from high school.  While most meetings occur either in a museum in Manhattan or at our high school, we decided to go somewhere closer to home and more familiar.

The Hall of Science is the interactive museum in Queens that I'm sure every elementary school student goes to as a field trip.  It has been years since I have stepped foot into that building.  Surprisingly, it was very much how I remembered it.  Even better I think we enjoyed ourself much more this time around.

It was a through back into being a child again.  Curious and inquisitive, we explored and conquered experiencing the joy and carefree feeling that was once a staple in days gone by.