Sunday, May 30, 2010

As promised

Last post and a few post ago, I started mentioning my job, my internet dating, my room redecoration and my writings.  I have finally had the time to elaborate.

First off, going to work is amazing.  In the morning I get this rush of excitement to go in.  Although some things don't go as well as I like, the experience is well worth it.  I wish that I could do more at work; to have more responsibilities, to have more power, to choices.

As for my internet dating, I find that there are so many people out there that it is really a trial and error method to find someone.  I'm am putting more thought into who I am and who I am looking for.

My room is nearly done.  The contractor that was hired did a pretty shabby job.  There's no need for me to complain and whine because I went ahead and fixed it myself.  I might be a girly girl, but I will get down and dirty to make  sure my room turns out the way I want it to.

Finally, my writing.  It is getting more detailed and sometimes I feel as though I need to pry the pen off the paper.  Today I will include two tidbits I have written.

The first is a poem.  It came to me while I was on my way home from work.

I want to sit on the street
Just so I can rest my feet
The day is almost over
But the bus isn't any closer

The night is young
But the day has just begun
Home from work I go
To prepare for tomorrows show

This next one is short. I don't know if it even qualifies as a short story.

     It was impossible to ignore the growing tension around them.  Times got so bad that the sparks could turn into an inferno that all the water in the world could not put out.  Then the exchange of words slowly got out of hand but the looks were the hardest to disregard.
     It was time for her to take action, to take a stand.  With her chin up and confidence in her walk, she strode over to his home office.
     Without even passing the threshold, she calmly stated, "I want a divorce."

There it is.  Sort and sweet.  Please let me know what you think, every bit counts to help improve on my writing.

<3 Silvie Redrow

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long overdue.

I don't want to make my blog an obligation or some type of homework assignment that I have to complete.  However, I have been slacking on the postings.  I will try and remedy all that starting today.  Cross your fingers.

Since my last post, I have been on two more dates with different guys from the online dating site.  Each experience was different and had its own reason for further consideration.  One thing that I notice and strikes me is that both gentleman are willing to pay for the meal.  Even with my offer to pay half, they are very determined to pass.  It is only reasonable, in my perspective,  to feel a bit guilty that they pay for the meal.  Yet I have been told time and again that as a female on a date, I should never have to pay.

That got me thinking on the investing that these men have to make.  It is not guarantee that the date will turn out well but the gesture is appreciated.

I have also started writing some short stories in my newly acquired Moleskine note book.  I fell spontaneous sometimes to put words on paper and it fits the bill.  It will make its way as a post eventually.

Lastly, my room is getting renovated.  It is long overdue.  However, I get asked: aren't you suppose to be moving out instead? Unless I hit the jackpot, I am a very poor college graduate so no, I can't move out.

Will post final look, sadly I did not have time to do a before shot.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And so it goes.

Last time I spoke about joining an online dating site.  After much sifting I messaged a few more people.  Although I felt a bit hurt when I saw that they have read my message yet hadn't replied, I soon realized that I do the same.  I think its easier not to reply as a gentler method of saying no than to strike up a conversation and then have to crush someone.

So I have been conversing with a few, okay... 3, guys? men? fishes? lol

This past Saturday I forged ahead and met one.  Neutral location, BN starbucks cafe, and we headed off to have pizza for lunch.  When I think back about how the day progressed, I can already see the tenseness that was present.  I do not know if it was on my end, his end or our end but conversation did not flow.  There was a tense cloud over us for the duration of our meeting.  I would not call it fun but I was not too keen on staying much longer after the meal either.

Till the next fish comes swimming!