Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And so it goes.

Last time I spoke about joining an online dating site.  After much sifting I messaged a few more people.  Although I felt a bit hurt when I saw that they have read my message yet hadn't replied, I soon realized that I do the same.  I think its easier not to reply as a gentler method of saying no than to strike up a conversation and then have to crush someone.

So I have been conversing with a few, okay... 3, guys? men? fishes? lol

This past Saturday I forged ahead and met one.  Neutral location, BN starbucks cafe, and we headed off to have pizza for lunch.  When I think back about how the day progressed, I can already see the tenseness that was present.  I do not know if it was on my end, his end or our end but conversation did not flow.  There was a tense cloud over us for the duration of our meeting.  I would not call it fun but I was not too keen on staying much longer after the meal either.

Till the next fish comes swimming!

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