Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Internal Conflit

I always knew that the "real world" would not be all rainbows and sunshine.  However, it probably took someone in my face raising their voice and disobeying my words to have it truly sink in.  I'm not naive, at least I don't feel as I am, but when asked to do something that makes sense and had to be done soon anyway, can people just comply?  I was not singling out this individual nor was anyone else.  The show she put did a marvelous job directing the spotlight on her tho.

The "real world" is now the real world.  Sans quotes.

In other news, my online dating has been progressing slowly.  I have been finding some interesting people to talk to.  However easy going and free of commitment the conversations are, I feel as though I am two timing someone!  Deep down I understand that it is not the case and those guys are probably chatting up multiple woman too.  How suited am I to finding someone online?

Onward we go!

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