Saturday, October 9, 2010

As the world turns

My first job out of college is almost over.  I give it two more days tops before I join the hundreds and thousands of unemployed.  Although my time at this job was short, I have seen growth and maturity in how I deal with situations and people.  Since the last day of the season, I have been able to reflect on what I have learned and where I went wrong and did right.  Although I wan not able to take down every challenge or problem that came my way, I have gained the experience of what can be thrown at me.  I am most grateful for the people that helped me along the way.

But as one thing slows down something else picks up.  My trip to China and Hong Kong is approaching fast and I haven't even decided what I need to bring or pack.  I'm slacking, but thats nothing new since I rarely make a post here.  however, I will TRY to post as much on my trip as possible.  But you never know, with my track record it's up in the air.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Tides are Turning

My blogging resolution has failed yet again, but I am hopeful.

The weather has also been changing lately.  No more sweltering days or humid nights as of late.  I appreciate the  cooler temperatures.  It also means that I have a chance to showcase some outfits.  With changing temperatures also signals the end of baseball season. Things have been brewing at work which keeps me occupied from the minute I walk in to way after I walk out.  It takes a bit of time and space to sort it all out, but I believe it will work out.

My job search is still ongoing but thankfully I have a goal.  Not that I didn't before but now I have narrowed it significantly.  All that is left is to find the job.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It has been too long!

Although I would love to say "I don't know where the time went," the fact is: I do.  I have not been spending it here posting that's a given. My last post was about my best friend's wedding and that was up over 10 days ago. Shame on me.  However, to justify, I haven't come across anything worthy to blog about.  Now I have. Sort of.

To start off I would like to rehash a few things.  Firstly my Great American Road Trip.  That has been discontinued, DOA, no chance of resuscitation.  Instead, Olithia and I have come to a few conclusions:
A) We discovered that we were being a bit too ambitious to venture on a 30 some day road trip when neither of us has been on one before.
B) Instead of one long trip, it would make more sense that we split the continental US into quadrants and road trip one section at a time.
C) We will be headed off to China as an alternative.  (More on that to follow)
D) We will spend less money therefore be able to save more money for our future road trip. Hurray!

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to my friend's wedding solo.  Olithia posted this and boy it sure put my feelings into words.  I'm in the same boat as her and it's good to know I'm not alone.  Though I have to admit, I am quite a romantic and maybe a bit too much of one.  But that's okay with me.

Finally.  Trip to China!  My parents and I haven't had a chance to go on a true vacation in quite awhile, especially one overseas.  So part of this trip is my graduation present!  The fact that my great friend Olithia will be with me makes it even better.  We will be spending 10 days in China and then some time in Hong Kong as well.  I am super excited because a classmate from college recently moved there for a job and I can't wait to catch up with her in person.  Plus through my current job, I met a chef that will be in China/Hong Kong during the same time.  Small world, so we might meet up too.  It's nice to be around food lovers especially in a foreign land.

Lastly, so I wasn't done, I have an interview!  It pains me that the position I have now will be non existent after early October so I have begun to look for other routes.  It is early, but it never hurts to get a head start right?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Wishes

This past Saturday I went to PA to attend my very dear friend's wedding.  It was beautiful and sweet and I was a bit out of my element.  I have known this man for over 3 years and he is very dear to me.  To see him get married to a woman he adores brought tears to my eyes.  Then I though about how sad it was being there solo.
Lets not dwell on that.
There's nothing to make anyone feel older than they are than to recount stories from the past.  So many memories were brought up starting with "Remember when."  Those precious hours spent with my former classmates were amazing.
This is the outfit I chose.  A bit more formal compared to what everyone else wore.  But I rather be overdressed than underdressed.  This "dress" is actually a skirt that pulled up to turn into a minidress.  the peach bow was tied under the bust for some definition.
Location: Farmer's Market
Necklace: Unknow
Skirt/dress: Vintage
Shoes: Nine West

Friday, July 23, 2010

Show off a Little

This past week I happened to be in Manhattan more than usual.  As always I take time to people watch because there are just so many things the mind can come up with about stories on each person.  Where they come from, what they do and where they are going are just a few of them.  Since I have been doing my Fashion Forward post lately, it is no surprise that I took note on the attire.  

From men and woman in suites to tourist in there vacation wear, I decided there was a problem: Over Exposure.  Of course this applies only to women.  I noted on my days out that woman were barring a bit too much.  Cleavage, mid drift and legs were a plenty.  Since it was hot, I can understand.  It's not like we want to dress in sweats.  But there was just too much on display.  Why can't we, as woman, chose one to highlight and accentuate?

One of my top rules when deciding what to wear is what I want to show off.  Is it a bit of chest or my legs or perhaps my mid drift?  I will never choose anything like this:

I can only imagine what it looks like from the front.  Granted she is posing for the camera, but really?

Here is something I chose which I think is appropriate for the day out and to dinner.  It don't think I showed too much yet I was still comfortable.

Location: 59th and 5th 
Top: unknown
Shorts: unknow
Bag: Modcloth

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tailored Menswear

Fashion goes round and round.  Diane Keaton and Katharine Hepburn wore mens inspired clothing long ago.  Now it's back with the boyfriend blazer and boyfriend jeans and who knows what other "boyfriend" look is also out there.

Hair: Lace braided headband tied with diagonal dutch braid into low side ponytail then bunned
Shirt: Banana Republic
Vest: vintage
Pants: Banana Republic
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Watch: unknown

Color me Fuchsia

I believe fuchsia is one of the boldest colors to wear.  The mix of vivid pink, red and purple hue attracts glances. From a minor pendant or a major piece of clothing, fuchsia attracts attention.  This fuchsia tank top has wonder collar ruffles with a tie strap.

Top: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Delia's
Pants: H&M