Monday, February 8, 2010

Fashion is Art

So this will be my first attempt to incorporate fashion into this blog. First and foremost, i'm not a trend-setter or a thrift store guru or even a couture gal. I started getting into fashion because about a year and a half to two years ago my very trendy cousin decided my L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer and such wardrobe was an eyesore. There's nothing wrong with those stores, but for a 19 year old, it was a bit drab.
Since then, I have developed my style which I am thankful for. It has evolved from what my cousin chose for me to include items that express who I am. Because my school requires students to be in business casual, many of the pieces in my collection can fit into various categories.
The purse I ordered four days back finally came even though I paid for second day air. Thats okay because I love it. Modcloth has me as a customer hook, line and sinker. In Hot Purse-uit can be dressy or casual. The lovely color is better than the standard black and the gold details are just adorable. It's nice and roomy so I can pack all my knick knacks and it even fits a writing pad or slim notebook.
I took it out tonight to dinner at our on campus restaurant for a spin.
Hat: Banana Republic, Jacket: Nordstrom's, Shirt: Forever 21,
Sweater: Laurie B., Corduroys: Delia's

My friend looked quite fetching herself.
Hat: Banana Republic, Sweater: Gap, Shorts: Forever 21, tights: uniqlo, boots: Aldo


  1. I like alot. Love the hat!

    -O. Rose

  2. you look absolutely wonderful and its a beautifl feeling when you being to develope your own style :)