Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Find a job yet?! Nope, but I look the part.

The CIA hosted their winter career fair today. I always feel like I’m in a bubble walking into the fair. There are places I want to talk to and hand my resumes to but with all the other people I just get overwhelmed. Some people can circle the room once and get everything done. I go around in circles, at LEAST three, just to do all that I need to get done. Nevertheless, I get it done. No exceptions, no excuses.

I feel it’s important to look put together all the time; except in bed. But I digress. I see so many of my fellow college attendees who show up at the career fair like they just woke up and decided to go. Did they find that outfit from the hamper? Hopefully the clean hamper. Is a wrinkled shirt the style now? I think not! Some people just don’t seem to care.

So for my overall look I decided to go prim and proper with my grey slacks that have thin pink lines but added my fair with a magenta sweater that matches in hue. In the bleak NY weather, color is necessary. I also applied some light makeup. Nothing serious; I don’t want to wear a mask, I just want enough to cover blemishes, give a bit of color to my check and highlight my eyes.

Bare Escentuals Foundation in Medium Beige, MAC Blush in Pinch Me, Sephora Colorful Palette in Apricot Pulp, MAC LiquidLast Liner in Point Black

*Side note*
Apologize for the self portraits. I realize I need someone to take pictures for me.
I don't like what I'm limited to taking pictures of myself.

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  1. hahahaha.I made it in one round, went to only 3 of them.