Saturday, February 6, 2010

Savoring the Moment

As a student of the world and one that loves food to boot, it's a sad day when I come to realize that I will be leaving my beloved Hyde Park NY. Sure it has been over 3 long years, but the food away from school will be more missed than that of the food served AT school. Which says something since this school is The Culinary Institute of America.
I journeyed, what I believe will be my last time, to Rossi's. In a nondescript corner of a quiet back street, it seems that only those who respect good food know where to look for it. Even before setting foot in the door, the five senses kick into high gear. The simple building with its stripped awning and minimalist windows. But once I step in, you are transported into a different world. There is a bustle of people in line waiting to pay or waiting to order. The sound of the register, the footsteps of moving patrons. With only a narrow space between the refrigerated display and the back wall of oils, vinegars, jellies, frozen pasta and various other items it only allows about two person to stand abreast in each direction. Once I approach the back to order, I smell the daily soup, the pasta and who can forget the fresh bread.
Within a few minutes my order has been taken and the line shuffles along. As someone takes my panini off the press to cut, I see the golden color and hear that crunch as the knife glides through. Crinkling paper signals my order is done just as i approach the register. A quick exchange of money, and I'm out the door.
A hop, skip and jump later I'm the car. Do I even bother to wait?
Of course NOT!
Unwrapping the sandwich is feels like Christmas day when I was young. That excitement and impatience to tear through the paper to get to the prize. The balsamic and oil waifs through and with the first bite, the unmistakable crunch of pressed bread. I have reached sandwich heaven.


  1. I like. I had the rest of my panini from Rossi's today.

  2. why are we so beasty?! I never wait till I get back on campus to eat it either. I rip it apart in the car!