Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Commitment and Experiences

Although I try not think that this blog is homework, I feel that i don't dedicate as much time as i should. 
With that being said, I have promised myself to post at least twice a week.  It does not matter to me if the post be two sentences or two pages, all I ask of myself is to post. This post will kick it off! 

But for more content.

There isn't anything greater than enjoying a meal at a restaurant.  The combination of good service, delicious food and fabulous company is like no other experience; however, to have this experience at the creme de la creme of a New York City restaurant is truly unforgettable. 

The night started off at my arrival to Eleven Madison Park with my friend.  We were greeted by two hostesses and promptly seat at a corner table that over looked the dining room.  The first thing I noticed was the ratio of waitstaff to patrons, it was about 1 to 3.  The attentiveness started right away with presenting the drink and food menu.  We chose the Gormand, an eleven course tasting menu and I also opted for the wine pairing. 

Then the dance began,  every course, every wine, every movement seemed calculated and rehearsed.  I could find very little fault in the presentation of each course and wine as they were set in front of me and explained each and every time.  The food was delicious and the wine went fabulously with each course.  To explain each dish would not it justice.  At the end of the night I was presented with the dessert plate that had "Happy Birthday Shannon" written on it expertly.

After everything was cleared away, the bill was presented to us as well as the menu.  Mine was the standard while my friend received an alternative one that had the shellfish and mollusk substitutions.  We also walked away with a small jar of chef's pick olive oil and gelee.

All in all, my dinner at Eleven Madison Park took a total of four hours from beginning to end.  With a price tag of over half a grand, I wonder when I will go back for another try. 

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